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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bisons with the Mets?

So the word is now instead of the Blue Jays, that the Mets will be the major league affiliate of the Buffalo Bisons. Now the Syracuse SkyChiefs, err Chiefs or whatever they are now. Are fighting back to get the Mets their dream affiliation. Well and here we have Chuck Schumer in the middle of things, where he shouldn't be. A Senator trying to broker a deal between baseball teams? Are you kidding me? Chuck should worry about Wall Street and the complete collapse all these financial firms are having. If Merrill Lynch went down, but about the smaller firms. Or was it just the big boys being bad? In finance you know you never dabble in subprime heavily, only a little bit. The losses will be there, but you'll never get into trouble. But anyway, thats where Sen. Schumer should be concentrating his efforts.

The Bisons obviously are the better organization, thats why the Mets wanted to hitch up to them. From the Mike Harrington column, it sounds like the Chiefs are a two bit operation. The bisons always seem to me like they try to be first class, and are a great family type of event. I'm not sure how the Mets are as a parent, but it will be interesting to see. Since they spend money in Free agency, but a guy like Omar Minaya knows the importance of a strong farm system. The better young players might actually stay down in AAA longer.

Well this should be settled soon, I just hope the courts aren't involved in this silliness. Besides it already involves a senator and that is way to much already. Chuck, I like you, but concentrate on the more important issues at hand? We're in a recession, at war and financial firms are crumbling all down Wall St. You don't need to be involved in a AAA affliation fiasco.

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