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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Core is locked up.

Well the goal of the Sabres to lock up the core for a while is finalized with the signing of Pominville today. Guys that are directly related to the success of the franchise for now and the future. After lasts summers mistake, that of screwing up on Drury, this summer Darcy and upper management have corrected that mistake. But these guys are all system guys. They weren't brought in from somewhere else. They were raised here. They are Sabre family. Lets look at what will be the cornerstone of the team for the foreseeable future.

Ryan Miller signed to 2014
Thomas Vanek signed to 2014
Pominville signed to 2014
Derek Roy signed to 2013
Paul Gaustad signed to 2012
Jochen Hecht signed to 2012

Sure Jochen was traded for, but he's been here for quite a while. But the top 5 guys all played in Rochester together in the lockout. They are the guys the Sabres targeted to build the team around. Well maybe not Pominville who they waived, but after a little while they saw what he'll bring and now he's in the fold.

Darcy was criticized for his short term deal policy. But obviously he has adjusted to the current climate of the NHL. Thats why he's one of the best GM's in the NHL. I love the trade this summer. Because Craig Rivet is the longest defensemen under contract with the Sabres. Look for Tallinder and Lydman to get deals after the season. Darcy loves these guys and he'll get them for cheap. Spacek I think he'll leave. But with the influx of young d men coming up, they can let Spacek walk. Maybe sign a cheap vet next summer.

The Sabres are solid for several years. Next summer they will have money to play with. With Spacek, Connolly, Kotalik, Afinogenov coming off the books, maybe signing 1 or 2 of them. Max and Ales are gone in my opinion. Just setting up Darcy to sign a couple guys, and let the young guys work up. This year the team is flush with talent and will be better then most people think. They will challenge to win the division.

Darcy Regier once again looking good in Buffalo.

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