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Friday, September 19, 2008

Buffalo Pro Basketball is screwed up

Well the every changing embarrassment that is pro basketball in Buffalo continues. From the news that were going to be two different teams. The Sharks and the Dragons. Now have formed into one team the Buffalo Stampede. Wait? Wasn't there already the Buffalo Stampede? Is there a statue of limitations on team nicknames?

But come on, this carousel of teams playing pro basketball in this town is a little embarrassing. I appreciate the effort. But if you own a team, switch names several times, now SWITCH LEAGUES, its like how can anyone trust you'll be in business in a couple months. Why should I buy season tickets?

Well now this team is in the PBL, who has the Rochester Razorsharks, Vermont Frost Heaves and the Montreal Sasquat'ch. So the guy who owned the Dragons will now try to get the game broadcast in China. When you main idea is to broadcast the games outside the area, what does that say about the people the team is marketed to? I guess the ABA was surprised to learn the Buffalo team was leaving and not happy its joining the league of rebel ABA teams that formed their own league.

“I think Vinnie is a double-crosser and a liar,” Newman said. “His character is such that he’s joined a league that is devoid of character, that has no integrity, no honesty, no ethics, and they should all be ashamed of themselves.”

Wow thats pretty harsh. But anyway, the Buffalo Stampede will play at the Koessler Center. Maybe. So get your season tickets, when they may ever be available.

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