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Monday, September 8, 2008

All is good in Bills land

James McCoy

Oh boy opening day is always a nervous one, since you never know what you'll see. You've seen most of the the players, but the new ones you don't know about. Well I got ready for the game. By snacking on some sausage and cheese my girlfriend cut up. As she was making a chicken wing dip, that was fantastic. She really is the best thing ever. Then she sits and watches some of the game with me. She napped a little during the first half. You know the boring part. But we enjoyed the game together and what turned out to be a awful weather day. She usually deflects my usual nature during Bills games, which is to throw things or jump up and down and act like a maniac. But I'm much more calm around her, and it made yesterday better.

But enough with the result lets break it down with numbers. NFL Stat sheet?

Trent Edwards was pretty rough for the first quarter, but finished quite well 19 for 30 for 215 and a beautiful touchdown to Royal. He only got sacked once. Never turned it over and really thats all you gotta ask for Trent, he'll get better as the year proceeds.

Lynch was pretty Lynch like, good runs, an excellent touchdown run. Looks crisp and quick. Almost 100 yards total yards for Marshawn on the day. Fred Jackson was a good breather yesterday. Though they could use him more.

The Oline, always good at pass protection, it helps Edwards gets rid of it. But they still need to really get the running game going. Another 3rd and 1, where they lose yardage. It didn't matter, but it will later on. But with Peters back, things may improve.

The D line is a revelation. Last year they were god awful. Now with Stroud, they are a much improved unit. Stroud had a half sack and a coupled tackles, while Kyle Williams had 1.5 sacks and Schobel and Mitchell getting the other sacks. But they hasseled Hasselbeck all day long. Spencer Johnson was constantly near him along Kelsey and everyone else who played on the D line.

Pass defense along with the Linebackers played quite well. The run game was stopped early on. Only got going when the game was out of line. Mitchell will be disruptive, Pozlusny is the QB and Ellison just needs to play in position and they will be fine. Greer and McGee are always underrated and Youboty is really showing himself with solid tackling. The Ohio State University maybe overrated, but their corners can sure tackle. Clements and Winnfield were both great tacklers. All you have to say about the secondary is look at Hasselbecks numbers 17 for 41 for 191 1 td and 1 int. He's a pro bowl QB, it shouldn't matter who the Recievers are, he should make them better.

Special teams once again came to play. I swear you throw anyone out there and Bobby April will make them Steve Tasker. Jon Corto was a beast, Roscoe Parrish maybe better then Hester and they still are dumb enough to punt to him. Moorman is a hall of fame punter. Add a TD throw to the numbers. Lindell was clutch, except for the blocked kick. Struggled to cover at times. But that will improve when guys get used to their jobs.

A all around win. A great way to kick off the season.

Oh and Tom Brady is probably out for the Season.

Its all sunshine and puppy dogs at One Bills Drive.

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