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Friday, September 5, 2008

The LQ after news of him being a minority owner

(The LQ is sitting in his office when shirley brings in a package)

LQ: Ooo a package, I think I know what this is! (Claps hands like a five year old)

(opens package)

LQ: YAY!!!!

Shirley: What is it is Mr Quinn.

LQ: Its my new name plaque. It says Larry Quinn: Most awesomest owner ever.

Shirley: I don't think awesomest is a word and you're only a minority owner.

LQ: Shh Shirley, its a word if I say its a word, I own the word. And a owner is an owner. And I'm not a minority, I am caucausian.

Shirley: No, I mean you own less then 50%. Whatever, never mind I have things to do. I have to send out the invitations to the owner party you're throwing.

LQ: I almost totally forget. Everybody is coming to that. I sent out invites and evites to all the owners. Because they better get ready for Larry Quinn. I'm coming on the scene and the Jeremy Jacobs and the Ted Rogers and Ted Leonis of the NHL are gonna know the name of Larry Quinn.

Shirley: I'm sure they know who you are already.

LQ: Well not the old LQ, but the new and improved LQ. Take a look at my new jacket I'll wear to meetings, since Tommy G is too busy getting elections to go his way.

(pulls out a jacket thats like a sabre jersey, but a suit jacket)

Shirley: Oh My God.

LQ: Exactly, isn't this the best thing you have ever seen. Look at the back.

It has Quinn on the back and the number 11

Shirley: You may have gone too far now. You seriously aren't thinking of wearing that anywhere outside this office.

LQ: I'm wearing this anywhere and everywhere.

Shirley: Theres no stopping you

LQ: Nope, nobody contains The LQ, and he'll do whatever he wants. Hell I'm gonna trade for Chris Drury. Watch it happen.

Shirley: Its gonna be a long season.


Runs around room, hoisting his chair like the Stanley Cup.

Shirley: Oh boy its 9am but I need a drink.

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