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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bills Rams Preview

Here we go into week 4 with the 3-0 Bills vs the 0-3 Rams, on paper it looks like a blowout, really look at the team stats. Rams are 31st on offense and 32nd on Defense. They get outscored by almost 30 points a game. The Bills on the other hand are 5th on defense and 13th on offense. Solid numbers and on paper this shouldn't be close. But as they say, they don't play games on paper. The Rams are desperate for a win and looking to Trent Green to jumpstart their season. But it looks like the benching of Bulger isn't sitting well with Stephen Jackson their most important player. And now Marc Bulger has quit on the head coach. That probably is not sitting well in the locker room. The Raiders may be dysfunctional, but their players wanted to play. This team just needs a complete overhaul and might not care what their coaches say, and just lay an egg on the field to get Linehan fired. If the two best players want him gone, the owners will have him gone. This could really be a help to the Bills.

What do they need to do to win?

Run the football. The Rams secondary might be burnt toast, but they need to establish the running game. I don't care if Trent can throw for 300 yards and 5 tds, well that would be awesome, but I'd rather see Lynch get 150 and 2 tds.

Play up. Don't take the team lightly. Hammer this team in the ground, make them quit, it won't be hard. Hammer Trent Green all day long, make him regret coming back. Imagine this team is the Patriots. Then take it to them.

No stupid plays. Last week they made a ton of mistakes and won. Last year they make 1 mistake and would lose. This is a sign of progress. No penalties, no turnovers, no mistakes, perfect football.

No fanciness. I want to see some good ole fashioned smash mouth football. I want to see the Bills dominate this team. I want to see 4-0, but an impressive win. Next week won't be easy.

The outcome?

Well honestly I see the Bills saying all the right things and the Raiders game spooked them. But they are going to hammer them. This team is ready to quit and a couple td's will only make it easy for them. They need a makeover and it starts with Linehan. The Bills looked awesome in the 4th and they will take that into this game at the Dome. Perfect weather, terrible cornerbacks, a injured star running back, and a team thats ready to get rid of their coach, not play for him, like the Raiders. I'll be enjoying this one with the Girlfriend and hoping for a blowout. She also is promising snacks, she really is awesome.

More on Monday.

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