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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So the Sabres start soon.

Well training camp starts this week, and Puck Drop 2008 is this Saturday, where the Sabres unveil their new 3rd Jersey, which is just like the old blue one, but with the new blue. But its not for purchase until November, so hurry up and order and then wait. That's nice. And this is is the case for all the teams? Why? So things don't leak? They'll leak anyway. Leaks help.

So people around the Buffalo Blogosphere are excited. Me? Ehh. The hockey season is long, I think preseason is pointless in hockey. And whats the point in ramping up in September, when the season really doesn't start till Christmas. Look at the Senators last year and the Sabres the year before. Both were dead in the water by the Playoffs. Instead I'm going to enjoy football season. Its been a while since the Buffalo fans, have been this excited about the Bills. The Sabres have been getting all the buzz, the past few years. Its time to switch the spotlight. I'd rather have the Sabres come from nowhere to be impressive. Plus some of the blog coverage on the Sabres irritates me to no end.

I'll casually pay attention to the Sabres and if they start .500 for the first 2 months I won't panic. Because its a long season. The Briere Drury thing is over, Campbell is gone, and we have the Pominville situation, which I feel will be resolved by Friday. They were close, it was just a ploy to finalize things so the Sabres don't change their minds. Pominville is a great player and someone they need to keep around for the long haul. But I'm not going to get emotionally invested in this team for a couple months. It will be healthy. Worrying about Pominville isn't showing up on my radar.

To sum up how I feel on the Sabres in a couple words?

I'm Sabred out.

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