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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time for Football

Sorry for the lack of posts, I was in the Future home of the Bills, errr I mean Toronto. Really the area around the Rogers Centre isn't set up for anything before the game. I guess there is a promenade, but its pretty tight. All the Condos around it, really shut things down. But it got me excited for Football. Finally the long wait is over for a 4 month battle for the playoffs. Every sunday is do or die. Its not like the hockey or baseball season, where months kinda don't matter. But you have a bad month in the NFL, you're done.

The roster is set. The real game plans are in place. And on Sunday Ralph Wilson will be rocking for a game against the Seattle Seahawks. Who really don't bring much hate to my eyes. But come Sunday I will hate everyone of those bastards.

Sure Peters is still holding out, proving me wrong that he'd show up after Camp. But I'm in the management camp. Holding out doesn't make anyone want to give you tons of money. Come in, they'll work on a new deal and you'll move on. Or is it a ploy to get traded? Does Peters even want to be here? Maybe he wants to piss off the Bills management so much, he'll get a trade to Carolina or Houston or wherever. The Bills get a bunch of picks and draft the tackle of the future. Or trade for one. Which Ryan at the Gooses Roost thinks the Bills want. I believe the Bills wouldn't want to trade a known thing for a unknown. I would believe its the other way around. I'm sure he doesn't want to say it out loud that he doesn't want to be here, but for some guys this area doesn't fit them. He saw an opportunity, maybe led by his agent, and he's listening. Of course I'm just speculating or making things up. But why would you hold out this long? Unless you hope the Bills struggle. But if they do, they don't make the Playoffs, and you look selfish and a in a team sport like Football. Selfish guys aren't well recieved, especially by Bills fans.

Peters holding out can only get uglier. I don't think the Bills will break even if they start 0-5. They'll wait till Peters comes in, because if he doesn't he'll still have 3 years on a deal. So he will have to come in eventually. The Bills are willing to struggle in order to enforce their new Team first motto. No one is bigger then the organization. Unfortuntley the exampe is the starting Left tackle. Lets just hope Kirk Chambers is pretty good.

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