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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some actual Sabre news

Well I'm a little slow on the excitement for the hockey season. I used to be all over James Mirtle site, now I check it out a couple times a week. Really football is in my focus right now. The 4-0 start for the Bills sure helps. But I don't know Hockey means cold to me, and I'm not ready for cold yet. I'm still grasping for the warm weather. I'm sure October 10th I'll be a little excited. But whether they win or lose I really won't care. But there is some actual news and some cuts. Well demotions.

Gaustad is out 3 to 4 weeks with thumb surgery. I guess punching someone repeatedly can hurt yourself. Only upside, Darcy can keep that extra guy around for a little bit.

And 13 guys were sent away from the Parent team to Portland or other teams.

Philip Gogulla was loaned to a German team

Tyler Bouck, Jimmy Bonneau, Colton Fretter, Marc Andre Gragnani, Derek Whitmore, Felix Schutz, Colin Murphy, Mike Card, Mike Kostka and Jhonas Enroth were sent to Portland. Plus Josh Vatri and Paul Baier will try out for the Pirates. I have no idea who they are.

Oh one is a kid from Juniors, and Baier went to Brown where he was a prospect with the Kings before sucking in college. Hey I'm sure he'll be good for Portland.

Well with the injury to Gaustad its interesting to see if they keep Gerbe around for a couple more weeks or just wait for him to come back and play Andrew Peters. (shudder) I don't think they can send down MacArthur without waivers, so I don't know. We'll see in a week when the final cuts come down and who is up on the team come Friday the 10th. But sending guys to Portland is a good sign things are starting in hockey.

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