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Monday, September 22, 2008

Your First place Buffalo Bills

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Well let that settle in for a moment, the Bills are alone in first in the AFC East for the first time since who knows when. They haven't been 3-0 since 1992. They are winning games they shouldn't since, those 90's teams. Trent Edwards is proving he's the real deal week after week. Which probably makes JP Losman feel like well I never did any of those things. The line was weak yesterday, but Trent stood in there, made the throws and got it done. Its what Tom Brady does, Peyton Manning does. And as a Bills fan it makes me super excited. That we finally, FINALLY have that quarterback.

Though Trent was pretty iffy to start the game. He has to learn to play in bad weather, if he wants to succeed when it counts. Next two games are in a dome, so I really wouldn't worry about the offense, and in fact expect it to rack up the points in St Louis. They aren't good, and the Bills are going to be focused this week, after a terrible 3 quarters against Oakland, who does have a good defense. But I want to see the ball distribution yesterday.

6 catches by Reed
4 catches by Evans
4 catches by Royal
3 catches by Parrish
4 catches by Lynch
2 catches by Barnes
1 catch by Jackson

That is what they call spreading the ball around. Who do you focus on? Evans? Parrish is open. Zone? Hit em with a screen pass to Lynch. Man to man, kill em underneath. Finally a Offensive coordinator, who knows what he's doing. So how about on the year?

Reed 13 catches
Evans 12 catches
Robert Royal 10 catches ( a Tight end!)
Fred Jackson 8 catches
Marshawn Lynch 8 catches
Roscoe Parrish 7 catches

The big thing is that Evans is catching at 20 yards a clip. They are stretching the field, but they have long drives that punch the ball in. None of this stop and kick a field goal nonsense. PUT THE BALL IN THE ENDZONE.

9th in points
13th in yards
11th in passing yards
24th in rush yards (Really need to fix that)

If you think thats an improvement, look at the defensive stats.

6th in points
5th in yards
5th in pass yards
12th in rush yards.

This is why they are winning, they have a solid defense. Yes they allowed the Higgins score. But in two straight must have 3 and outs. They got it. Last week in Jacksonville and this sunday. The defense got the offense the ball, and the offense got the win. Its what good teams do. You know when you watch the Patriots, that is what they did. Got the stop. Got Brady the ball. Brady drove down and got the win. That is what the Bills are doing now. And its a welcome change.

Just please don't have to do that next week. Put em away early guys.

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