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Monday, September 15, 2008


James McCoy

Well its almost 24 hours later and I'm still excited, Gus Johnson excited. Come on who thought the Bills would be 2-0. If you polled the fan base, 0-2 would be more popular then 2-0. Sure they have may received some breaks, but good teams still win. That 3rd quarter was rough. But pretty much that was the only quarter the Jags came to play. The Bills adjusted and shut down Garrard and the run game. Trent Edwards looks like a real NFL QB. The line needs to learn how to run block, but that will come. Their pass blocking is good, except for that Meier sack. Hey they scored 20 points on the road. Without out defense or special teams scoring a td. That is a big step. That Jags defense is a good one.

But what about the Bills defense. The biggest question mark coming into the season. A unit that was battered last year. How are they doing so far? Currently they are ranked 7th in the league. And they haven't played the Dolphins yet, who are terrible still. This is a young team, that with every win, will gain confidence, and learn how to win. There are plenty of options on this team. Youboty, has come out of nowhere. Stroud is a force inside, making Williams and Spencer Johnson better. The tackling yesterday was terrible. But who knows if sweat and the heat were the reason. But heat should not be a issue for the rest of the year.

And is Terrence McGee always there to make that clutch interception? He likes to make picks near or in the endzone. The guy is so quiet, but makes plays. He would fit into the Patriots defense. Whose cornerbacks are usually the quiet, make plays type. Jabari Greer is also playing pretty solid. Though he was covering the non intense Matt Jones. The Jaguars are not good at drafting wide recievers.

But really all this hope and joy, comes from one Trent Edwards. Who has a 71% completion rate for 8.3 yards a pass. And has a 107.7 rating on the year. Which has him ranked 7th in the league. Not a fantasy all star. But he'll get you a win. He'll get you down the field. Finally the Bills have a QB, RB and a offensive coordinator all in snyc.

But really the play of the weekend comes from the UB game. On that Hail mary. How many Hail Marys have you ever seen work. It's a great thing for UB since it gets them national exposure. Even though the game was on a crappy camera, that cut in an out the main play was seen perfectly. Hey lets see that pass again, from the impressive Drew Willy. (Who i think will play in the NFL)


Quite the weekend for Buffalo Football.

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