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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bisons are a bunch of orphans.

As we all knew earlier, that the Indians would drop the Bisons after the year. The worst year the Bisons have had since the affiliation. The Tribe dropped the bad news on the Bison Organization this week. Which looks like the Herd doesn't want to acknowledge yet. Maybe they they think there is time to make up. But its over guys. Its been a rocky year for the Bisons. The Indians left them with not a whole lotta talent, holding it in Akron. The weather was pretty iffy most of the summer and they didn' create the buzz they usually do. More people come to the ballpark during wingfest, then probably the whole month of april and may maybe.

Well now they have to move on and their are a couple of suitors in place. One the more likeley partner, the Toronto Blue Jays. Who make perfect sense, being really close. Toronto is the big shiny brother to Buffalo's dirty sometimes in trouble little brother, that people like, but don't want to be around for very long. They already get a Bills game, why not be the minor league affliate of the Major League team. Don't know the prospects for the Blue Jays, but they can't be that bad right? Well I guess we'll find out soon enough.

The other team possible is the NY Mets. Who the Syracuse Chiefs are positioning hard for. The Bisons are too broken up to really move on yet, and will probably settle for whoever is left. The rebound team if you will. The Bisons dumped the Pirates after failed years together (where are you Tom Prince?), for the stud that was the Indians. Who they prospered together with, but only to have the Indians leave them for the pretty young thing. What do you mean our ballpark is getting too old?

Its too bad since there were so many good years together. We as Bison fans can only hope the Blue Jays show us the same class and respect as the Indians. I might actually want to go up and catch a Jays game if there are guys I used to root for. Plus its a beautiful city, with lots of new buildings. Oh god I sound like Ralph Wilson, um gotta go.

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