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Friday, September 5, 2008

Bills Seahawks Preview

Well, what do we have here, the first preview of the season. Isn't this exciting? Well a look around the Buffalo Sports Blogosphere, and you wouldn't notice the season starting. They have record amount of season ticket requests, but yet the buzz is low. Are we bracing for a bad season, are the Bills fans cautiously optimistic, I really don't have a clue. But I'm quite excited. And they start the season off with the Seattle Seahawks, the best team in what could consider a terrible division. They are banged up at receiver and Hasselbeck isn't in the best condition either. But who knows where the Bills are with the Peters thing and now the Crowell situation.

Lets take some educated guesses at how this bad boy will work out.

Bills Offense

Well the Bills offense can't get worse right? It was terrible last year. But Edwards has had time to grow and is the number one guy and in his last outing he looked terrific. So we'll go by that and see if that translates to the opener. Lynch is still back there and ready to roll. Hardy is a new option at WR, along Evans and Parrish. Then there are the Tight Ends, well Robert Royal. The other two are useless. The offense could get better, or not. I really can't tell. But the first team looked pretty good in the preseason. So I'll assume they are somewhat competent. Can't hurt to just give Lynch the Ball and find ways to get Fred Jackson the ball.

Seahawk Offense

Well no more Shaun Alexander, the former all time touchdowns in a season record holder is gone, and now replaced by the dreaded dual back system of Julius Jones and Maurice Morris. The 'Hawks are really affected by the loss on the O line over the years. Plus with Branch and Engram out, they should pound the ball, against what was one of the worst run defenses in the league last year. Hasselbeck is also coming off back issues, which can flare up at any time. They need the offensive line to play well, for the Offense to move.

Bills Defense

One of the worst statistical defenses in the league last year. But usually kept the team in the game. They were also riddled with injuries, George Wilson was a starting safety. And he just learned the position in training camp. But they are healthy, wait, Crowell is on IR? Well almost healthy. They added vets to the depth, finally figured out Jabari Greer was somewhat decent and have Whitner leading the guys. I feel they will get better this year and with a injury filled Seahawk Offense, can really go after Hasselbeck if they want.

Seahawk Defense.

Well they were middle of the road in that stats last year as a defense, almost giving up the same amount of plays and points per game as the Bills. And in a terrible division. But they bring pressure from the outside with Patrick Kearney. They also have two decent corners in Jennings and Trufant But Lofa Tatupu is the leader on defense and a very good linebacker. Who is also banged up, but should play.


Well the Bills have lost some stunners over the years opening at home. But I don't see that this year. They are on a mission and will put up enough points on this banged up team to win.

Bills 28 Hawk 17

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