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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Watching the Game

Me in the 3rd Quarter
(Not really me)

Well for most of the game on Sunday I was watching it alone, while my girlfriend paid bills and other financial stuff. Which brought me to the conclusion, that I am way different when she is watching the game with me. I am quite the mess when I'm alone and watching the Bills. I use to read magazines during the game to calm me, but it led to me throwing them. Lets see the differences

Me alone: Angry, yell at players for no reason.
Me with Girlfriend: Calm, acceptable of others errors

Me alone: Jumping up and down with every possession
Me with Girlfriend: Sitting down with arm around her, enjoying the game.

Me alone: Pacing
Me with Girlfriend: Sitting

Me alone: Angry at commercials, COME ON PLAY THE GAME!!!!!
Me with Girlfriend: Commercials a time to talk and plan for the week

Me alone: Throw objects at TV, for no good reason.
Me with Girlfriend: Throw complements at her, for no reason. Other to make her smile.

Me alone: Think every game is do or die.
Me with Girlfriend: Think game is entertainment

Me alone: Reaction to Hardy Touchdown. WOOOOOO (jumps up and down) (tries to duck ceiling fan)
Me with Girlfriend: (during Seattle game) Touchdown? Thats fantastic, they are playing good today.

Me with Girlfriend: Mmm, why aren't they calling penalties?

Well its pretty obvious for my health, I should watch football with my girlfriend, well Bills game. Because I'm a wreck. Though I don't know how the playoffs will work. The last playoff game was a bit much for me. So if they sniff the playoffs this year, things may change. But I'll try to get her to watch the Raiders game with me this week. It shouldn't be too bad, but who knows. Its good the Bills are playing teams I don't hate the Raiders, Rams and Cardinals? Who cares. But they better beat the crap out of them.

I will now express the Patron Saint of Bills fans besides Tim Russert, declaring his love for the Bills

I totally agreed with this man.

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