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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Aud


With the Aud coming down piece by piece, the demo team selected, and now with the auctioning of bits and pieces of the Aud. But what to be saved, to be remembered?

I agree with Charity Vogel that something in the Bass Pro store should have a slight reminder to what was there. It would also draw more people in the store, just to see whatever they have. More people you draw the better, no matter how you do it. But why not a painted version of center ice where center ice was. You could have the whole ice on the floor of the store. You know the fishing tackle could be in the offensive zone. Hunting stuff in the defensive end. It would be a neat reminder of how things were on this spot 30 years ago. The kids too young to remember the Aud can feel a little bit of it.

I was lucky enough to go to a bunch of things in the Aud. Hockey games, preseason basketball games, and I think Blizzard games. Sure things are more romanticized over time and with being young. But I can remember everyone entering that small entrance way. Tickets on the right, and pretty much after you hit the turnstiles the Golds were almost right at the door. But being young you usually had to make the hike up the rampways to the oranges. There would be a lot more in shape Sabre fans if they kept those. When your 10 those things seem like Mt Everest. And then when you got up there, it was just as dangerous. The uneveness of the level going around the Aud, with the steps up and down and the concession stands, and then looking down to your seats, thinking you are going to tumble down them and fall into the Reds.

Other things I loved about the Aud. The upper blues, because they had tv's so you could see replays on tv. The cushy Red seats. The slight smell of smoke. Feeling you are right on the action and how close things were. But in reality, HSBC Arena is waaaaay better then the Aud. Its easier to get around. Better concessions. Better seats. The view is pretty awesome. The scoreboard is top of the line. It feels like a major league arena. But the Aud was ours, it was comfy, it was like that club thats old and falling apart but you love it anyway.

The Aud is finally coming down, some say finally. I say, its time, but it was nice to look at the old place for a little before something useful takes its place. I just instead of knocking everything down and throwing everything out. Leave a chair or some curtains up in the old house. So we still reconize it a little when we come back in again.

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