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Friday, September 19, 2008

Bills Raiders Preview

The Dysfunctional Raiders come to town, well today, to I guess adjust to the time. I don't know if that helps or they really like Wings and want to see the Falls. But they are 1-1 which is better then some teams that are probably much better then they are. The Raiders ran all over the Chiefs last week in Arrowhead, so the Bills better be stout against the run, like they have all year. Plus Fargas will be out and McFadden has a turf toe, which really hampers a running back, leaving former Louisville standout Michael Bush as the main option at RB.

The big day in KC last week, may have the worst thing for the Raiders coming into this week. One, they don't have to worry about getting that first win. Exposed themselves as a run first team, and teams know what they do to stop the Raiders. The plan will be let JaMarcus Russell beat you. His numbers this year have been short of bad. He completes just over 50% of his passes and for only 115 yards a game. He hasn't thrown a pick, so they are bringing him along slowly. He is placed in a spot where he doesn't lose them the game, but he isn't winning it either for the Raiders. And when they get in a hole, the are in real trouble.

Their defense on paper seems like its pretty good. With solid corners and a decent line. They are averaging 24 points a game and 315 yards per game. They can be scored on, as the Broncos proved. They give up almost 100 yards on the ground 220 in the air in the first two games. Most of that is from the Bronco blowout. Cutler cut them up.

But the big story is the Lane Kiffin deal. The owner wants him gone, but he won't quit, because he wants Al Davis to man up and just fire him. Then their highly paid DT Tommy Kelley gets arrested for a DUI. So they are a mess right now, a circus, whatever. But does that help them prepare for the Bills? Keep them focused? Or does it distract them and lead them into what could be a slaughter.

Things I look for

The Bills to really get Lynch going. He's been ok this year. The line hasn't created the holes, except on the two touchdown runs. This doesn't have to be a blowout, it just have to be over early. Make the Raiders want to quit. Then things will come easier. Trent Edwards must be smart with the ball. Deangelo Hall might be a disappointment so far, but he may come back to form. Spread the ball around and score touchdowns.

The defense must stop the run first. Stroud is the answer and the run has been non existent so far. And the Oakland O line isn't that good. Make Russell throw and hit him everytime he steps back. The Bills so far have gotten lots of pressure. It has made Hasselbeck and Garrard look below average. Two good quarterbacks. Lets see how they do against a new comer.


I see the Bills winning, but I don't see a blowout. Maybe cover the spread. Jacksonville getting 5.5 last week scared me. But the Bills a 9.5 point favorite? Vegas always knows something. A 10 point win sounds about right. But its the Bills anything can happen.

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