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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Talking Sabres

Well the preseason has kicked off to two losses, but I couldn't care less. If they had 1 month of practice then opened like that, sure. But camp opened Friday and they had 2 games already? Well the bigger story is the new 3rd jersey. Which I like. They finally got the blue one right. The old I never liked the shade of blue. This blue, is perfect. I love the touches of silver, and the gold is nice as well. Not a big fan of tie strings though, its the 21st century don't need those anymore.

But I think the Sabres have responded to the negative criticism of the fans over the current scheme. Me I love the colors and form, the logo is a little on the blah side, but most new logos are like that these days. I don't know if ownership wanted their own of the league had any say, but they aren't saying too bad, they are responding to the consumer like they should. These are stupid people, they may want their way, but they still have to make the fans happy. They will never go to the original jerseys again, but updated versions of them is no doubt down the road. The old white is my favorite. I think the white is always best in hockey.

But enough with aesthetics, lets get to the team. The roster won't be much different then last years team. Though Teppo and Rivet will much improve the back end and I see Sekera playing a bunch, he was rather impressive last year. Weber will be in Portland to start the year, but having good talent in the minors is a luxury to have for Buffalo. There will be injuries, there are 82 games and a lot of people will see the ice. Well Peters won't. I guess I should make up the lines for the start of the season since its rather close. Regular season starts 2 weeks from tomorrow.


1 Hecht Connolly Pominville
2 Vanek Roy Stafford
3 Paille Gaustad Kotalik
4 Afinogenov Mair Kaleta

McArthur Peters


Lydman Tallinder
Rivet Spacek
Numminen Sekera

Not much difference then last year. McArthur takes over the Mike Ryan role and Andrew Peters is still Andrew Peters. I may even swam Max for McArthur. But we'll see what Darcy wants. Thats the most important opinion of all of this.

Oh boy nothing like the message boards to get people excited.

Courtesy this guy.

Things for the fans to talk about when there is nothing else to talk about in Sabre Land.

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