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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stay of Execution

Dick Jauron has gotten a reprieve for now on his firing. Ralph Wilson has decided to keep Dick around for one more year. And I assume dicking around with time management as well for one more year.

I wrote the reason for Jauron being let go, was mainly due to game planning and not being ready for Division opponents. But the brain trust of the Bills decided that a change wouldn't be a good thing for the time being. The team loves the decision. Because they know where they stand. They don't have to worry about impressing a new coach, and actually trying, instead of doing the same old thing. Because not fighting for a job, really makes a team better (yes thats sarcasm)

But we get 1 more year. No doubt they finish 7-9 next year, its clean house at 1 Bills Drive. At WGR its depression city, yet they don't call for the firing of Ruff, who himself couldn't inspire anyone on the team anymore. Seriously the Sabres are a passionless bunch and nothing Lindy does works. Where is the call for his head? Oh right, he comes on every week, so they have to cowtow to management. But since the Bills could care less about the morons at Talk Radio, they do what they want, regardless of public opinion. Which honestly is how things should run.

The Bills statistically got better. But their turnover margin got much worse. They lost several games, because of costly turnovers. You can blame timeouts and all that. But I know in the end they don't honestly matter. They are obvious mistakes, but in the end it comes down to making plays. The Bills have to make more plays. And protect the ball next year. If the Bills go 12 and 4 next year. The move will look smart. If they go 5-11. The management will get ripped.

Right now, who knows if its a good move. Its not rewarding mediocrity, its keeping to a plan. A plan that is in midstream. Unfortuntely for the fans, we have no say in the plan. And we don't know what goes on inside.

Dick Jauron is entering his contract year. He got a new contract when they were 5-1. But now he knows its 16 games that will determine his next few years.

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