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Monday, December 31, 2007

Winter Classic Preview


That is all I have to say, the Sabres have scored 1 goal in the past two games. And I'm pretty sure they were all looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. They were like, eh, were 5th in the conference, we were just hot no big deal. The energy they will feel will be amazing I bet. 70k+ cheering for them and the Lets Go Buff-a-lo chant, will be quite loud I bet. I just hope they can score so we can hear a goal horn.

Well there is a game I guess involved in all this and its a rematch from Saturday, where Ty Conklin shut out the Sabres? What, how? I missed the game, and from the recap I'm glad I did.

"We just seemed to lack any jump throughout the team," coach Lindy Ruff said. "I don't know if it was the amount of games or playing back-to-back, but it was almost a collective push. ... It was an effort tonight that lacked a lot of energy."
That to me sounds like a team, not caring and just wanting to get through a game they feel as meaningless. Its something I think we feared that the team would kinda go through the motions til New Years. And just want to come out flying on National TV. I think we'll get some effort come Tuesday. 2 days off. Big game. Loud crowd. We'll see the Sabres we saw during the Flyers games.

Well we'll see the same two teams this time and I'm guessing Miller and Conklin in nets, with Conklin winning his last 4 games and he has experience in these types of games. So outdoor NHL games means Ty Conklin in net. But Ryan Miller played in one in college. So not so fast Ty on the advantage.

The game itself is hard to really predict what will happen. Will the wind play a factor, will there be snow to deal with. Who knows. Who handles the cold better, will speed be negated and it will just be a slow game. Or will wind aid speed and guys go faster then normal. Hard to predict. But it should be fun and good to watch on tv. At the stadium, it might be interesting, with people going, wow hockey rinks are small. I think I'll know where I'll be but who knows, it could change. But I know I'll watch it since there is nothing else on. And stuff is closed on New Years Day.

I hope the Sabres win and in fact blow out the Penguins, which I doubt will happen, the NHL doesn't want a blowout, they would love a 6-5 shootout. And so would I.

Enjoy everyone.

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Kate said...

I am FREAKING OUT with excitement!

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