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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sabres sign Enroth

Holy Shit I look like a Nascar Driver

Well the Sabres once again signed somebody. But they don't sign anyone, so this must not have happened. Jhonas Enroth has quickly climbed up the prospects chart, leaving him in a good position to sign. This kid sounds like he is quite the confident one. And his numbers in Sweden and in tournaments suggests he has all the reason to be confident. And most likely he will be in Portland and be the starting goaltender next year for the Sabres new Affiliate in Portland. He will join all the new kids they have signed. Which shows me they are making an effort to make this new team competitive.

The only knock on him is hes a small guy. Well theres plenty of good small goaltenders, that rely on actual athletic skill and not their size to make saves. But he'll have plenty of time to get ready since he'll have to wait for Ryan Miller to decline. Yes I said, decline and not sign with the Red Wings.

This signing may signal to some, oh here we go, Miller is gone. Wait, how? A rookie goaltender from Europe who is 19? He is no where near NHL ready. He has 1 maybe 2 full years in in the AHL first. Then backup duty, before he'd be starter ready in my eyes. Thats why you need to resign Miller, bring this kid along slowly and in a couple years hes ready, you got major trade bait. Its a good strategy. And if the kid falls all over himself, you still have Ryan Miller to a long term deal.

The kid may think he's ready for the NHL, but hes not. And thats why Ryan Miller needs a long term deal.

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