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Monday, April 28, 2008

Grading Drafts part 2

Now we are looking at the 2005 draft, and giving it a grade. The last draft of the Donohoe era. Really Modrak was here for that, but seriously, the trade for JP Losman hurt this draft with no #1 pick in 2005. So the first pick was.....

Roscoe Parrish WR Miami.

I remember thinking what? Why? But Roscoe has been a great return man, and a underutilized threat in the offense. And looking at the recievers taken after, not that many good ones. So they picked the right guy. And he'll be a Bill for a while. Not really a major player, but the kind that will help you win.

3rd. Kevin Everett TE Miami

Going into last year, he was a bust, due to injury and being on a bad team. 2007 was supposed to be his year, and he said he had a great chemistry with Trent. Well we will never know. Which is sad. But hes back and walking so he has achieved a lot. Always a Bill KE.

4th Duke Preston C Illinois

Well was supposed to be a starter on the line, but instead has turned into a depth guy and a special teams player. Still on the team, but a better player away from being cut.

5th Eric King DB Wake Forest

Currently a Titan, which is shocking, since I thought he was out of football. But played in 15 games last year for the Titans, so I've no idea how to judge, then saying hes not on the Bills so not a good pick.

6th Justin Geisinger G Vanderbilt

Currently on the Redskins, so along with Eric King, drafted NFL talent, just for another team. But if this meant trading Geisinger for Dockery, then it was an excellent move. Good thing he is gone because...

Scares small children

7th Lionel Gates RB Louisville

Remembering he was a preseason favorite, but with Willis McGahee, he was expendable and now is currently apart of the Tampa Bay Bucs. With no career stats. Excellent. Looks like he will not be part of the NFL much longer.

Draft grade---D.

Really two sad drafts, with only 2 people on the roster still. One a 4th reciever the other a depth guy. These drafts have hurt the Bills and the current adminstration has had to come in and clean things up and bring in more talented people. If we look at the 2006 draft class maybe things will change, because looking back to 2003 might be depressing as well (looks online) holy shit 03 was a great draft. WTF! (Mcgahee, Crowell, Kelsey, McGee, Haggan, Aiken) And the 2006 draft looks good. I guess you have those years where things just fall apart. The 2004 and 2005 drafts put the franchise back a few years. Now they are finally recovering.

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