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Friday, October 3, 2008

Bills Cardinals Preview

Onto week 5 and the Undefeated Bills take on the Arizona Cardinals. They head to the desert and play for the first time at the University of Phoenix stadium. I'm not even sure the Bills have ever played in Arizona. I couldn't tell you the last time the Bills played the Cardinals on the road. In fact the last 5 times they played, the Bills are 4-1, so history is on their side. Neil Lomax has the most success in Cardinals History vs the Bills. Well in the last few games. There might be someone else. But lets compare the teams since they've both played 4.


Bills 16th in the league 27.2 points per game and averaging 319.5 yards per game
Cardinals 5th in the league 26.5 points per game and averaging 377.8 yards per game Defense

Bills 7th in the league. Giving up 15.8 points per game and giving up 280.5 yards per game
Cardinals 9th in the league. Giving up 25.8 points per game and giving up 305.8 yards per game.
So when you look at things, the teams are almost even. The Jets game really skewed the points on the defense. The offense is definitely generating some offense and points, but the defense is giving up just as much. The Bills have a more sting defense and a offense that is +12 per game. The Bills are a +1 on the Turnovers while the Cardinals are a -3. Its a factor in the records.

More about the Cards.

This is their second home game of the year, they beat the Dolphins pretty handily the first game, plus they are coming off a unsuccessful eastern trip to Washington and New York. The Cards should be in a bad mood come Sunday and would love to give the Bills a Loss. They are led by Kurt Warner who yes is still starting and still producing. Completing 2/3rds of his passes and has 8 Tds on the year. 5 of those to the injured and out for this game Boldin. So Fitzgerald and Breaston have to show up and it helps them that Terrance McGee won't be suiting up for the Bills.

The rushing game is pretty average with Edgerrin James and Tim Hightower. Though they do have 5 rushing tds between them. But neither are big rushing threats. James is on the downside of his career and hightower is more the change of pace back, that isn't doing to well in his rookie year.

The defense is underrated and after getting shredded by the Jets, and probably pretty angry. Bertrand Berry their leading sackman is doubtful and probably out. Adrian Wilson their best defender is a game time decision. Both absences will help the Bills offense. The Bills are getting breaks in the injury front this year, I guess its karma for last year. They hold teams to about 100 yards rushing a game and 200 yards passing a game. They are no pushover as last week may have shown. Before the Jets, they only gave up 23, 10 and 24 points in their first 3 games. Plus they pressure the QB, so Trent has to be quick, he has been hit too much the last two weeks and has to stay clean this week to win.

Special teams wise, they are pretty average. Rackers is a good kicker and Dirk Johnson is a adequate punter. The Bills shouldn't have a problem containing Breaston in the return game.


Well a lot of people are taking the Cards in this one. The game isn't a sell out and I know a ton of Bills fans will be there from the West Coast, and maybe from Buffalo. So the crowd won't be a factor. The Bills can score, and the defense can contain a decent offense in my opinion. Though the secondary has not been tested yet. I see a good ole fashioned shoot out, but not sure who will win. My heart says the Bills, but they might be thinking about the Bye week and the Cardinals need some pride restored after the beat down in NY. I just hope to watch the game


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