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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Adam Mair thinks you're a joke

Things got a little testy after the loss last night to Ottawa.

Thats right Adam Mair went after Jarko Ruutu after the game. Since he couldn't get him on the ice, after a very dirty play.

I love dam Mair, hes tough and he's a little crazy. He's Chris Neil, with a conscience. Well he did go a little insane on the Island early this year, but still the ultimate team guy. He wants to be here, he a Hamilton guy, so you know he's tough, plus he plays every night.

And he's right Jarko Ruutu is a joke.

Can't wait for the next time they play.


Anonymous said...

A very dirty play by Ruutu? Please! Are you just so blind to how dirty Kaleta is almost every single game? He got exactly what was coming to him and it's no different than what he does all the time. Stop looking at games from a biased point of view.

Anonymous said...

Ruutu is a pansy can't wait for the next time these 2 play each other!

Let's go Buffalo!

robert said...

I'm sure that Adam is fine with the $2500 fine for that.

TOSens said...

Seems he was after public enemy #1in Buffalo Chris Neil. Which would have been interesting to see a fight with them off ice because they've had a couple good ones on the ice. I the love continuing Ottawa / Buffalo rivalry, mostly because the Battle of Ontario has become so one sided over the last 3 years.

Joseph said...
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Joseph said...

kaleta is not a dirty player. he finishes his checks and doesnt lead with his elbows or leave his feet. why dont you go suck ruutu's tiny little cock while chris neil takes you from behind. when have you ever seen kaleta hit someone from behind or throw an elbow? chris neil has done it plenty of times.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, First and foremost, trash talk like that only points out how juvenile you really are.

The point is that there was nothing dirty about ANYTHING that happened during that game or after for that matter. Kaleta and Ruutu are identical agitators, that's their jobs, that's why he got what he deserved. Did he get injured? No. As for Neil, there are WAY more dirty players than him around the league. Just because he laid out Drury last year on a CLEAN CHECK PEOPLE doesn't make him a dirty player! What got Drury injured is the way he landed on the ice, and that was his fault for admiring his shot too long. You want to talk dirty plays just go watch a few clips of Ryan Hollweg.

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