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Monday, October 27, 2008

Sabres Sens preview

I hate the Senators. I really do, its like a team was made up a bunch of douchebags, then traded for a murderer. They are the ones that ruined Tim Connolly. They ended the President cup year. They have one line, yet can beat us. ONE LINE! This year, they are off to a terrible start, shockingly because of bad goaltending. Isn't that why Ray Emery is in Russia? But doesn't it always seem when Ottawa needs to hit the panic button, the Sabres are on the Schedule? Who are now without Tallinder probably? Which makes me want to check the Portland Roster and see who is doing what, because we hear nothing.

Where I see this


One, the special Pink jerseys are sharp, but talk about the Sabres putting a stamp on this team. But the leading scorer on the Pirates is Mancari with 10 points in 5 games, followed by Gerbe and Kennedy. Good news all around. Except Enroth is struggling.

Anyway, back to tonights game. The sens are coming off 4 straight losses. Are dead last in the Northeast and people are panicking. For Sabre fans it all sounds great doesn't it? Well the leading scorer is Filip Kuba with 11 assists. One, thats not good, and second, I didn't know he was on the Senators. Really they are still a one line. Spezza and Heatley have 9 points, Alfredsson has 7 points. Then Shean Donovan and Picard have 4 points. They have two ex Lightning defensemen? oh boy their defense must really suck. Volchenkov and Phillips are a combined -11. And Brian Lee looks like a nice young D-man, and Jason Smith is steady, but he isn't getting points.

The goalies are the real issue, Gerber who is hurt is off to a terrible start, so it will be Auld tonight probably and his numbers are pretty solid. He is the hope tonight for the Sens.

The Sabres will counter with Patrick Lalime, so thats how bad the Sens are, they don't even get Miller tonight. Tallinder is probably out and that means Weber is in. I don't know if that is a upgrade or downgrade. And rumors of one of the 3 centers might be back tonight. Which is a good thing. I think the offense need more help. MacArthur isn't a second line player nor should be on the power play. But there shouldn't be a rush, they are banking points for the season. They aren't a first place team and will eventually settle in the middle. But it would be nice to beat up on the Sens.

I just think its a game where the Sens will play up, and the Sabres are in a comfortable zone. Its just one of those games where one team really wants it more then the other. I hope I'm wrong.

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