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Friday, October 24, 2008

Ok Sabres,

Enough with spotting teams 2 goals, before you have to make a comeback. Last night might have been one of those, well can't win em all nights. Then one tip in, followed by Vanek deciding to put one in where he grew up, then Derek Roy finally getting a goal for the year. But they had no business winning that game last night. The Wild don't let this happen. Or do the Sabres sucker opponents into a trap, before they charge and win the game. But they need to take it to a team. They can't just trust they will come back and win a game. They had that mindset two years ago and it got them nothing. This team isn't as good as that team, and they need to get ahead and stay ahead. Sure its fun and exciting, but what else is exciting winning games 6-2.

Minnesota thought they played a great game, but had a lazy couple minutes and lost a game. That should be a lesson to the Sabres. You can play great and lose. When you get into a habit its hard to break. This team is filled with guys from two years ago. Who still may think they can skate around and still win. Well not every night and especially not in the playoffs. Miller got lazy and put a puck in his net. That should be unacceptable. What if they lost 3-2? Thats the winning goal. Instead the score is 4-3 and its just a goofy blunder, instead of a critical goal in the third period.

Looking through the stats, Thomas Vanek once again stands out. He had two points and was a +3 on the night. On the other side, Miettinen the Wild leading scorer, had 0 points and was a -3. In the battle of the top scorers it was one sided. The 4th line was barely on the ice each with almost 5 minutes a piece. This team needs to get back Connolly, Gaustad and Hecht, so they can roll 4 lines and be very fresh for 60 minutes. This team barely has any centers and aren't hurting for offense. Imagine when they get scoring and two way play back.

Miller had a shakier game, but not as shaky as Backstrom was at the end. The last two goals were bad in my opinion. No way you let a guy come around and just stuff it in. Thats a garbage goal for Roy. But the Wild were coming off almost a week rest and the Sabres have played extra time in a couple nights with travel.

Not making excuses, but the Sabres need to stop this habit right now, and it starts in Colorado.

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