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Monday, October 20, 2008

What is old is new again.

Well I didn't have to worry about watching the game on Tv, since I was driving back from the fiance's parents house, to tell them we are engaged in person, so heard the game on tv. Games called on cell phones aren't that great. Its like you call your friend to tell you whats going on at a high school game. But it brought back memories of hearing games when I was a kid during the hey day, while driving around. Well this time I was driving and not in the back.

The Fiance was napping in the other seat, holding a parrot, while dogs and cats were in the back seat and I was cruising on the Thruway, listening to a tight ball game. It brought me back to the old days. Minus the many mistakes of Van Miller. Van Miller without electricity would have been a disaster, he'd wouldn't know if Kelly or Reich was in, whoever caught the ball would be a guess.

But still, this was a huge win. If the Broncos help the Bills out, the Bills will go into the AFC East portion of their schedule with a 2 game lead. Thats a nice cushion, its insurance against a slip up in New England or New York. Finally the Bills look like a real team. Its like water in the desert. We have been longing for this for so long. Beating good teams. The Jaguars are good, the Chargers are good. Their schedule doesn't have great teams, no Titans or Steelers. Not their fault. Honestly to make the playoffs, they will need to go 5-5. Thats pretty easy to see the Bills doing.

Trent Edwards, what is there left to say. He is the real deal. He looks like Brady. How many times do we see Brady early on, avoiding hits, sacks, getting those first downs. And you would curse the tv up and down. Now Brady is different. But early Brady. Sharp, quick, not big numbers, but didn't kill the team. That is what Edwards does. He gives you a sense of calm, that ok Trent is going to do it. I think we'd be shocked if he threw that game ending interception or the Interception Rivers threw in the 4th. How long have we felt as Bills fans, where we knew the team would pull it out? A decade? Flutie era?

The defense is coming together as a solid unit, draft picks, free agents. Actual leaders on the defense. Not its all about me guys, like Spikes, Fletcher and Clements. Oh Nate how is all that money and still losing? Nothing like being a Playmaker, and languising out in San Francisco, where you are never on prime time tv, the Bills are on primetime. Thats a killer contract and I knew when I heard that one in 2007. The Bills on the other hand made smart signings and trades. Its like Darcy Regier took over the Bills. Hey he might have, the don't have a GM, so he might be the secret Bills GM.

So the power was out, people listened to the game on Radio, and the Bills beat a good team. I guess what was old, is new again.

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Kate said...

Aw, congratulations Jonathan and future Mrs. Jonathan!

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