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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Sabre news and Tv news

Hey when are they gonna wear these this year? I know people can't have them yet, so are they waiting till November to wear them? Its obvious these will be the new home jersey in a couple years. They made their money off the newest logo and said hey lets make even more. Anyway....


Finally his hand is healed from pounding on a guy, to remove Matt Ellis from the lineup. That is quite the upgrade. Not only you get a guy who can score, you get a guy who brings toughness and is great at face offs back. But what about Connolly? He was close too. Are they saving him for the weekend, to get rid of Peters? Then probably in a week or so, Hecht will be back. Making sure Peters is out of the lineup.

Mair gets only a fine. Of course he does, he only wanted to chat with Chris Neil. And of course Ruutu and Richardson prevented him from a pleasant conversation. I'm sure it was money worth losing. Chris Neil better watch himself this team remembers all he's done. And when Rivet is back he'll have some tough customers on the lookout. Guys on the Sabres aren't scared of being kicked out of the game.

Tallinder will be out, Weber in again. Its the Lightning, I have no worries about a bounce back from Monday. I'll be more interested in Stamkos and Melrose.


Finally. The long nightmare is over. I can watch Bills games on Cable again. Thank god. Enough with the antenna. Its the 21st Century, you should never need an antenna anymore. Well that along with not having to go to the Basement to watch NCIS. Its cold down there. I want to be in the living room and watch stuff there. Where I can pause the tv and stuff. Its was way too long and now its over for now. It was stupid and lame. This should never have happened and if it happens in the future its going to make me even more angry then before.

Wait I think I'm busy on sunday, oh well. I'm happy for others. I'm busy with more important things, but still I'd like the option.

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