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Friday, October 17, 2008

Sabres weekend preview

I won't be around much this weekend so I'm getting two previews done in one post. Call it lazy or call it economical. But the Sabres have a interesting two days ahead of them. First comes the Canucks fresh off a 4-3 Ot win over Detroit. In fact they are in the middle of a 6 game road trip. Which can't be fun. If there is one place where they could have the night off, Buffalo looks like the night. Out of conference, they are 3-1, and coming off a hard night. Atlanta is off to a slower start at 1-2-1, or 1-3. And are coming off a 1-0 loss to the Devils last night. But maybe a home game in front of the "home" crowd will do them good. Or half the crowd being Sabre fans, might depress them highly.

More on the Canucks

Two former Sabres head into town, Taylor Pyatt and Steve Bernier, both we expected a lot from but turned into wastes of time. Pyatt is prospering in Vancouver and Bernier is looking good already, well playing with the Sedins will do that to you. Well the Sedins have 5 points each, along with Alex Burrows. Ryan Kesler has 4 points. Taylor Pyatt has 1 point and is a -2. I thought the Canucks on the year would be having trouble scoring, but with 16 goals they are averaging 4 goals a game. Which is good, since their savior Roberto Luongo hasn't started well. With a 3.21 GAA and a terrible .895 sv%, he is having a terrible start. And I wouldn't be surprised if Sanford gets a start tonight. They need Luongo and a game versus the Sabres isn't very important. The Canucks are off to a surprising start. They give up a lot of goals and score a good amount of goals. Hey like the Sabres a few years ago!

More on the Thrashers.

The Thrashers are off to a iffy start, but that was predicted since they didn't look to hot on paper. Some guy named Bryan Little is off to a hot start leading in goals and points. And is now on my fantasy team. Ron Hainsey is also off to a good start with 4 points, proving the neighsayers that they overpaid a little wrong. Its Atlanta they have to overpay to sign a Ron Hainsey. Kovalchuk only has 1 goal in 4 games. The Thrashers only have 11 goals in 4 games. But have only give up 12. Lehtonen sees almost 35 shots a game. So opportunties can be had against the Thrashers. Their defense doesn't look too great, and Matheiu Schnedier must be wondering how he got here. The Thrashers are the Thrashers and they are won't be very good. If they actually played in a quality division they would be dead last in the East.

The Sabres

Our beloved Sabres are looking pretty good, but of course they could lose one of these games. They are still banged up at center and have Clarke MacArthur on the 2nd line. The game in Atlanta looks like one of those "letdown" games. But who knows where this team is. I think we still think they are immature and will fall flat. But if it takes a team just to outright outplay them to beat them. What if they are really good? Can we take that? Honestly I just want the Sabres to come out and dominate these games and show the league, yeah, the Sabres are back deal with it. Try to score on us, go ahead. Can't too bad. Here we just scored 3 goals in 5 minutes on you.

Go Sabres.

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