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Friday, October 17, 2008

Bills Chargers Preview

The Bills are finally back home, from their two game NFC West trip and the bye week. Now they return to play a AFC West Opponent. In what I call the weird schedule season. With 8 west coast opponents. The Chargers are coming off a nationally televised beatdown of the Patriots. And they are a week away from the London game this year. I don't know but if the Bills weren't 4-1 they'd be calling this a Trap game. And it still might be. Don't think the Chargers are high on the horse, knowing that winning the AFC west will only take 10 wins. They know 7-3 is very possible for the rest of the season. But I get feelings on games and they are usually wrong.

Whats going on with the Chargers?

Well the Chargers are 3-3, including the talked about Bronco loss, but a loss is a loss. They crushed the Patriots, beat the Jets and the Raiders, who they had to come from behind to beat, just like the Bills. The Chargers offense is ranked 12th in the league, but thats with yardage in mind. But they average the most points in the league. They have a big time offense. Led by LT and Phillip Rivers. Philip Rivers has an impressive 14 td passes and just 4 tds. And has a 109 rating on the year, so you have to stop Rivers. LT is only average 3.7 yards per carry, which isn't that great and only 4 tds. So do you put in more secondary to make the Chargers run? Or stop the run to force the pass? Chris Chambers might not play, but still have weapons in Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates.

The Charger defense, even though had a great week last week, aren't very good in the stats. They rank 28th in yards given up, 14th in points given up and dead last in pass defense. They are getting lit up in the air. They are giving up 267 yards a game in the air alone. Which must put a smile on Turk Schonerts face. I would look for Trent Edwards to shine. The Chargers do have a good pass rush, but they must live and die by the blitz. I think Robert Royal might shine or Fred Jackson with the screen pass. But the line must protect and after Arizona that will be a point of emphasis. But the rush will be coming.


I will be traveling back from the girlfriends family. So I'll probably miss the entire game, catch some on radio. I don't know why I see a win, its just a feeling. I also thought they would crush the Raiders and Rams. Obviously my gut is wrong on the Bills. I think the Bills will come out of the bye ready and hungry to back on course. They were derailed in the desert, now are home, rested and ready to beat one of the top teams in the AFC.

I hope my gut is right this time.

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