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Friday, October 31, 2008

BIlls Jets Preview

Well this is an important matchup in the AFC East. There is a 3 team race for the top, with the Bills and Patriots tied, and the Jets a game behind. And in a few weeks it could be 4 teams going for one spot. This sunday's meeting between the Bills and Jets should be a good one, with Brett Favre coming into Buffalo and the Bills secondary trying to get together to stop him.

We know the Bills, lets get into the Jets.
Jets Offense.

Ok BRETT BRETT BRETT BRETT BRETT. Got it out of the system. But when you have a Favre led offense, it lives or dies with his performance. The offense is middle of the Road 15th in the league, scoring 26 points a game and gaining 331.4 yards per game. But the telling stat the offense is a -6 on the turnover margin. So they turn the ball over.

Brett Favre is having an allright year, with 15 tds and 11 ints. With a 89.6 QB rating. But in the last 3 games, Brett Favre's numbers are not as good 3 Tds with 7 ints and 6 sacks. Brett Favre has been sacked 16 times this year, he was sacked 15 times last year. The highly paid offensive line hasn't been that protective of Brett thus far. Brett's completion % is hovering near 70% and thats bad news for the banged up Bills Secondary, so its key to get pressure on Favre from the under achieving defensive line.

The run game looks pretty tough, so they spent money on run blockers. Thomas Jones is averaging 4.4 a carry with 4 tds, and Leon Washington is averaging 5.7 yards per carry. Obviously people are playing the pass, opening up the run for the Jets. The Jets look to have a balanced offense.

On the defensive side, the Jets are right with the Bills in the stats. They are ranked 12th in defense. They are giving up 4 more points per game and 12 yards per game. They are worse on 3rd down defense and take more penalties. Their leading tackler, David Harris, looks like he won't play so that can only help the Bills on the run game.

But with the recent troubles pass blocking and injuries on the O-line the Jets front 7 isn't the cure. They have 24 sacks this year, so they come after the qb. Trent better get the ball out quick and can't stand back there or he will get hit, and the Bills can't afford that. Putting in a quick pass, run offense, will help neutralize the defense and maybe attack it, catching guys up the field for big runs or big runs after the catch.


I'll be out scouting reception sites, so I don't know how much of this game I'll catch. I'm happy its back on Time Warner, so I could tape it if I want. But whats the point. I want to say the Bills will bounce back from Miami last week. But who knows. This team is a work in progress. I always feel on the optimistic side, but I don't know. My gut feelings this year haven't been close to what happened, so it should be close.

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