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Monday, October 27, 2008

Good thing I didn't watch that.

James McCoy

Well of all the games to miss, because you attended a Bridal show, thats one of them. And in fact if things get worse for the Bills in November, I'll probably spend most of my time helping out with the initial stages of wedding plans. Sure I may have come home to see the Robert Royal fumble. But oh well. I am completely happy I didn't have to watch this game on a antenna in the basement. Its not fun, and that game would have driven me insane.

It was also my first anniversary yesterday (of the day we met) and got a Lynch home jersey for a present, sweet. Though my fiance calls him a killer. I say he only committed a traffic offense. Its not what you were charged with, its what you get convicted of, in my world. I needed a new home one, and Lynch is a nice add to the collection of troubled ex backs. Henry and McGahee.

Bridal shows for the ones that haven't gone, aren't made for men, obviously. But its something you gotta go to once. All the photographers stuff look the same, yet prices are all over the map. There seems to be no order or structure. And the fashion show, where the model mens stuff, you know the basic tux, because really mens wedding fashion is pretty standard. The guys are there to ham it up and entertain the ladies, while the women are there to model dresses.

I am very glad I went to the bridal show instead of staying home, watching a fuzzy game of a team that wasn't playing well, and lost to the Dolphins. Hopefully its a wakeup call, and its also a wakeup call to get going on wedding stuff, there were a lot of brides there, a lot of people are getting married and I guess no one makes wedding cakes or they take weeks to make. Its a cake, bang it out in a couple hours. If guys planned a wedding you could do it in a week and it would cost like 500 bucks. But weddings aren't for guys, they are for the ladies.

Now lets hope the Bills get their act together for the Jets next week. Thats two losses in the last 3 games. Nows the time to end a slide.

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