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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chris Neil: #1 on the Sabres Most Wanted List

Should be out of the League

Well on further review it looks like Mair was going after Neil. Which comes to no shock of the Sabres, the man who almost took Chris Drury's head off, along with numerous other cheap shots in the Ottawa Buffalo contests through the years. This time Mair mad enough to almost go in the Ottawa dressing room to get to Neil. Ruutu just stood in the way. And still that move to Mair was cheap, Mair could have blown out a knee the way Ruutu stuck his stick in his legs. Though Ruutu actually got Kaleta to drop the gloves, so good for him. Then proceeded to lay on him. I'm guessing to make Kaleta squeel like a pig.

Jim Kelley, former Buffalo news writer has more on the actual incident.

Mair, ejected after an on-ice melee involving several members of both teams, took a walk, in full gear, down the hallway to the entrance of the Senators locker room. He was reportedly looking for Chris Neil but instead got into a verbal altercation with Ruutu, who chose to answer Muir’s call at the locker room door in Neil’s place. At one point Mair grabbed the Finn by his undershirt but a quick-thinking member of the Senators PR staff stepped between the two and separated them.

Chris Neil is probably the most loathed player by the Sabres. And he is a joke. Adam Mair hates him, there are a couple of fights between the two over the years.

Ironically caused by Kaleta

I like Mair Hitting him with his helmet.

I don't know what it is, but Mair protects Kaleta, like he's his buddy. Anyone touches Pat, Mair goes off like the Hulk. Well if anyone touches a Sabre Mair goes a bit nutty. But no doubt if Mair got in that locker room, there would be a long suspension for Mair. Ruutu, kept the peace somehow. Then theres this quote from the scum himself.

"I heard about it," said Neil, who has a long history with Mair. "Maybe he was trying to take a 10-game suspension because he's already had two of those. He obviously doesn't like getting paid. I wish I had been here. He was mad because I was chirping at him."

Ugh, I hate Chris Neil. I have no idea why he's still in the league. How anyone puts up with his crap. He's probably one of those "good teammates". Kaleta has a lot of Neil in him. Though I don't think he takes the liberties Neil does, close, not there yet. And he better not get there. Be more like Mair, and less like Neil, Patrick.

Well this one will brew for a while, since the Sabres and Sens don't lock horns again til January 6th in Buffalo. No doubt, Neil better be ready, because Mair will go right after him. And we might have another brawl between these two teams.


Anonymous said...

Whine, whine, whine. How about discussing something of interest rather than complaining about losing.

Garth said...

Be more like Mair? So he should be hitting people with their helmets and trying to fight them in the locker room?

Yeah, he's the class of the league, that Adam Mair.

Charles said...

mair is no better. neil hits a lot - most of the time clean, and he stands up for his mates, like mair.

thats hockey.

next time go commando if you dont want to get your panties in a crumple blogger man.

Valerie said...

Kaleta was a stinker in junior too - disturb the fecal matter and then turtle at the first sign of a challenge. He was pretty much universally disliked in the OHL - except of course where he played.

I met Chris Neil this summer - he's a really nice person, but not a great golfer.

Steve said...

I think my favorite part of that first video is when Mair goes into the box and look who's already there..

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