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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The true story of what happened in the Locker Room area

(Mair goes to locker room after being ejected)

Mair: Oh man that Chris Neil really gets my blood boiling, lucky Duke will calm me down with his happy demeanor.

Mair: Duke? DUKE! Where are you boy?

(Looks in Pat Kaletas locker, not there)

Mair: DUKE. Come on Boy, you don't have to hide its Mairsy.

(Goes outside dressing room)

Mair: Hey newsguys Did you see a dog come by here?

Newsguy: Um yeah I think he went into the Ottawa Locker Room

Mair: Oh good, I thought he might be lost.

(Goes into Locker area)

Mair: DUKE!

Jarko Ruutu: Hey, what are you doing here? You can't be in here. Neil isn't here.

Mair: I'm not looking for him, I'm looking for my dog Duke.

Ruutu: Well Luke Richardson put him outside, since Chris Neil is really allergic to Dogs, he could go into shock if he even gets 2 feet from one.

Mair: OUTSIDE! ITS FREEZING! Duke can't handle the cold!

Ruutu: Oh, I'm sorry.

(Luke comes back from outside)

Luke Richardson: Oh man its cold out there, but man what a nice dog. HEY! Whats he doing in here.


Richardson: Oh hes right outside you're guys door, I didn't know you allowed dogs in the locker room. Plus Neil is really allergic to dogs.

(Mair storms out of the locker room, with Richardson and Ruutu following him, news guys turn on their cameras)

Mair: You have to jump into his fights, and protect that guy, all you are is a joke. You're a joke.

(Cameras off)

Ruutu: Wow he must really love that dog.

Mair: I can't believe they would put him outside, because someone is allergic. What a joke.

(Mair opens outside door and sees Duke)

Mair: There you are boy. (Duke jumps on Mair) I love you too. I can't believe those mean Senators put you outside like this. Its 30 degrees out. Lets go inside and get you a biscuit.

Mair: That Neil is such a joke.

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