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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Buffalo Colorado Preview

Hey its another matchup against a team the Sabres rarely see. I love the new format. Because a Saturday night matchup versus Colorado. Its a battleground state versus a poor blue collar city. Obama is loving this matchup.

The Sabres are coming off a rather impressive come from behind win in Minnesota, so they are looking good at 6-0-1. The 'Lanche are on a 4 game winning streak, after they solved their shaky goaltender issue, well they still have shaky goaltending they just have to score a bunch to win. Its the Sabres from two years ago, or last year.

Colorado has some name scorers, Paul Stastny has 11 points on the year, Sakic has 9, Hejduk has 6 goals on the year so far, even Ryan Smyth has 6 points. Their defense is okay with JM Liles and Jordon Leopold and the veteran Adam Foote, it seems people who play in Denver like it there so people stay. The problem with the Avalanche is their sloppy goaltending. Budaj and Raycroft are not a dynamic duo and are off to horrible starts. Both GAA's are over 3. And their save percentage is below .875. They aren't going anywhere this year if that trend continues.

The telling stat in this game is the goals against per game. Colorado is at 3.29 and the Sabres are at 1.65. If you are giving up more then 3 and the other team is giving up less then 2, you figure out who probably will win.

Don't know if ill watch this one since it starts at 9, maybe a period or two. But hopefully the Sabres come home with 7 wins.

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