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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marty not doing so hot this year.

Well beloved former Sabre, Marty Biron, is not off to a hot start. You may say he is off to a oh god he should be the backup for the Philadelphia Phantoms. He was pretty good last year, in fact I was making the argument the Sabres should wait to sign Miller and get Marty back at a cheaper rate and wait for Enroth. I obviously know nothing and would be a horrible GM.

I know the Philly defense is banged up, but his numbers are god awful lets take a peak.

0-3-0 Not good, even Thibault could win a game

.824 Sv % wow thats awful.

5.75 GAA. Andrew Peters would have a better GAA if you slapped him in net.

He has faced 74 shots and let 13 goals in. That is hey we are going to put you on waivers or trade you, because, even the Kings think that is terrible goaltending. I don't know if hes hurt and hiding it, since he's in a contract year, but those numbers aren't going to help him. As a Sabre fan, I feel confident we have the right french canadian backup.

Marty I'm sure you'll straighten things out. Or you'll find yourself back in Buffalo as the third host of the Enforcers.

Oh and Craig Rivet needs surgery.

That sure came out of nowhere. Well here comes the Nathan Paetsch experience, please play well Nathan. We depend on you.

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