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Monday, October 13, 2008

What we get from the Bye week.

The bye week, where you can really enjoy football and not worry about the Bills and root for teams that we not normally root for. Like the Texans or the Chargers. Or you can go do things outside the house, and yesterday being gorgeous was a good example of that. We went to the Home Show and actually bought a trip to Vegas. It was a good deal, we have been wanting to go and its anytime in the next year. Then head to the Pumpkin farm in Clarence, which the backup was out to like Sheridan. It was the oddest thing I've ever seen. Everybody in the region was going to the Pumpkin farm and only knew the one route. We never went in, since it costs 5 bucks to get in, what a ripoff. So I only watched a bit of football. It was nice to get away.

But coming out the bye week, the situation looks even better for the Bills. The Patriots lost, the Dolphins lost and the Jets didn't look hot against Ryan Fitzpatrick and the terrible Bengals. The Bills still have a 1 game lead in the AFC east, the Cardinals look pretty good in their win versus Dallas, the Rams beat the Redskins, and the Raiders are bad. The Jaguars are playing pretty well now. Now the Bills wins and their loss doesn't seem so bad right now. Who knows what the score against Arizona would have been if Edwards played the whole game. There is no doubt the score would have been closer had Edwards played the entire game, win, probably not, but closer.

But the bye week leads to a rested team. McGee gets to recover, Edwards might be ready to go, but no one knows. But a home game is always a cure for a loss and its a matchup against a tough team in San Diego. I like the Bills this week. They have tons of time to recover from the crap in the Desert. The Chargers won a big game, now are thinking about having to travel to Buffalo then London. The London game, might be in the back of their mind the entire time. Passport issues, travel, tickets other promotions they probably have to do for the league. While the Bills game is a mild distraction. While the Bills are looking to come out strong and send a message to the league they are for real. Before finally getting to division games.

Then there is the Tony Gonzalez rumor. Oh boy look out if that even comes true, lucky for us the Trade deadline is tomorrow, so we won't have to wait long. I wouldn't put any money on it. Nor believe it would happen, but oh my I'd love to see Tony Gonzalez on the Bills.

And there isn't a #88 on the Bills, so the Jersey is available.

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