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Thursday, October 9, 2008

I saw Max at Wegmans

I forgot where I got this

So I'm going to my Girlfriends for our Wednesday date night and on the way home I stop at a Wegmans in Amherst to get some flowers. I love their roses, they smell so nice along with their Lilies, pick up some Oriental Lilies they are very nice. Anyway, I head to the express line and someone comes in after me. And at first he looks familiar, but then I go oh man thats Max, he's pretty tall, I always pictured someone shorter, and of course I take a peek at what he's buying. Don't judge me you all would look at someones groceries.

Well it looked pretty healthy for all the vegetables and fruits, thats good he's taking care of himself and makes stuff for himself. But then I see something else. And I go oh no.


Hes got Dry mouth and sensitive teeth! There goes the season. How can Max play well, if his teeth and gums are bothering him. Always looking at a water bottle and thinking of getting to the bench, because his mouth is dry and needs water. How is he supposed to produce? We can only hope the Biotene does the trick and keeps Max's mouth properly saturated.

Our season rests on that products success.

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