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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bills Dolphins Preview

Its the old Bills Dolphins rivalry, that no one care about anymore, especially those under the age of 25. The days of Kelly vs Marino are over. Now we have Chad Pennington vs Trent Edwards which still doesn't have any ring to it. The only thing interesting about the Dolphins is their crazy wildcat formation. Which is a gimmick and only can last so long before people just figure it out. This is such a big match up, I'll spend part of it at a Bridal show. That's right its time to think about a wedding and make contacts and decide on all this stuff. That is way more important then watching this potential for a disaster. Going to Miami always concerns me with the Bills, no matter how good they are. The crowd will be terrible. The team will think they can walk through and win this game. And they'll lose to the Dolphins and Bills fans will be in panic mode. So its best to miss some of it, so I can spare my stress level and just apply that to realizing the cost of a wedding.

The Dolphins.

Honestly I like when they are bad, there is nothing worse then a good Dolphins team. I want them to have 4 or 5 wins a year. Last year was almost perfect. Seeing them lose every game would have been awesome. Their offense isn't bad. They rank 10th in the league in total yards, 23rd in points per game. They can move the ball, but they can't always punch it in. So that looks good for the Bills defense. Still they can be dangerous and there is no more dangerous weapon then Ronnie Brown. Finally coming into his draft status, the 'Fins are looking to get him the ball any way possible. Or keep it out of Chad Pennington's hands.

Whats shocking is, you'd expect Ronnie Brown to have gaudy stats, not so fast my friend. Ronnie Brown only rushes for 60 yards a game. Ricky Williams gets 41 yards a game. They get a solid run game, but nothing you can't stop.

Chad Pennington is the model of consistency, a lot of people knock him, but I think he'll get the job done for you. He throws for 232 a game, almost a 70% completion rate and not too many mistakes. But his receiving corp isn't all star material. Greg Camarillo is the leading reciever with 27 catches and 1 td. So really man up the recievers and load up the box and make Chad beat you.

The defense is a little weak. They are led by Joey Porter and his 8.5 sacks, but other then him, its a no name and a work in progress defense. They are 21st in the league according to yards given up, and 18th in most points given up a game. The Bills look they can move the ball on this defense and with some injury issues on the line, and Jason Ferguson looks like he'll play, so that will help the Miami Defensive line. But the Bills handled a very good line last week. The cornerbacks look to be a problem so look for Trent to go after them.


I think the Bills should win. They have the better team, the better QB and a chip on their shoulder. But if they slip up, here is a place they'd do it. Everyone saw Arizona coming. That and Trent getting hurt didn't help that one. And if bad things do happen, I'll be thinking about my wedding so its only good thoughts. Good thoughts.

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