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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The least anticipated trade deadline in Sports.

The NFL trade deadline, might be the only thing in the NFL that doesn't get anyone pumped up. Free Agency, the Draft, training camp. But compared to Baseball, Hockey and even the NBA. The NFL trade deadline comes and goes every year and no one blinks an eye. Is it because its too early in the season? Why is it in Mid October? What if it were in November, would more deals get done? Is it because people have to learn new systems and its a waste? Cap issues? I have no idea. But Tony Gonzalez and maybe Roy Williams are the big objects possibly up for trades.

The Bills are rumored to be one of the suitors for Tony Gonzalez and it looks like a 3rd is the price to pay. I'm sorry but a 3rd for a Hall of Famer who will only help the team and is under contract for several years. Its a deal I would do. He's not a head case, he's a great teammate, he just wants to win and Kansas City won't be winning anytime soon. He has given a lot to the Chiefs and its nothing personal. He would upgrade the Offense overnight. Lee Evans and Parrish would be better. Lynch would probably get better running lanes, with teams scared of Gonzalez. And Trent is accurate and needs a TE like Tony.

But the big thing is, the Bills are looking to get better. They are in the rumors. Isn't that great for once? The team is trying to be in the thick of things. I guess we can just hope that Tony Gonzalez is a Bill at the end of the day. But the Bills will not overpay. They covet draft picks and don't just give them away. They might trade a pick for Gonzalez and then trade a player like Crowell or McCargo for another pick.

Or they might do nothing and go with who they have. Bills Fans were pretty happy before we heard about the Gonzalez's trade wish. But we always want the Bills to be better. And Gonzalez would make the Bills better.

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