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Monday, October 6, 2008

This is why JP Losman is a backup.

When Edwards was down I was like oh no. Please get up. Oh god.

Then the moment pops up well. Maybe JP Losman will guide the team and lead the team to victory. Then the botched handoff to Lynch. Oh no. Here we go.

Sure its not JP's fault they lost. The defense was terrible. But there is no question JP makes this offense not as good, not as strong. 2 fumbles, 1 interception and 5 sacks. And we all know JP takes sacks because he can't make reads. His individual stats were pretty good. 1 touchdown thrown. The typical long ball to Lee Evans, which should be the title to the JP Losman Biography, long to Lee. But he'll always have that sack at the wrong time. Turnover the ball in his own end. It was JP Losmans career with the Bills all wrapped up in one game. Some goood, some bad, and a whole lot of not good enough. Plus the defense fell back into previous era. Where they collapsed and didn't stop the team when they needed to. The injury to Ko Simpson might be another factor. When he's in there, they just seem better.

I have no ill will to JP Losman, he's just not a starting QB in the NFL. He's a quality guy, who tries hard, but he just doesn't have what it takes to be in the NFL. I think all Bills fans, hope that Edwards is fine and the bye week helps. Time to prep for San Diego.

I blame the antenna nonsense for all this.

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