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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sabres Canadiens Preview

Game 1 of 82, which means there about 81 more of these previews, not including any playoffs. Which are sooooo far away. But for openers sake, this is a good one. Not the Islanders or some other team like Carolina or Atlanta who I would not care 1 bit about. But its the Habs in their 100th season. This is the proper way to kick off the season. And the fact that Montreal should be really good doesn't hurt either. The party in the plaza is on tonight, its supposed to be nice out and the Sabres are debuting their own fashion line. This team is sure run by a business man. They are trying to squeeze every last drop out of Sabre fans and I applaud them for it.

But enough with clothing, onto the hockey game.


The Canadiens are pretty much the same team as last year, minus and plus a few parts. Streit is gone, but Josh Gorges is in. And on of the forward side, Ryder is out Robert Lang and Alex Tanguay are in. All in all pretty much an even trade all around for the Canadiens. The most important parts are still in place. Cary Price is back and should be better. 7 of the top 10 scorers are back including the top 2 in Kovalev and Plekanec. The later is a Sabre killer, I'm not sure how many goals Tomas Plekanec has against the Sabres last year, but it seemed like 20. The Habs were very good last year, their Power Play is always good and with it being the 100 year anniversary it should be a big year for Les Habitants.

Being the first game of the season, its perfect timing for the Sabres to jump on the Habs, before they really get rolling. There is only 6 games this year, so they don't have to worry about getting behind in the division. Win 2 games and they should be right up there with the Habs all year. In theory at least.

Well lets hope for the best, but its great to have hockey back. And by January we'll say when are the playoffs?

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