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Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 draft recap

Was I supposed to wear a suit?

Well the draft is over and the Bills made 8 picks, losing a pick by trading up to get another 2nd rounder. The picks make you go okay, some O lineman, a pass rusher they needed some corners. And several guys who will be at other positions. Plus other guys that dropped like rocks. Which always tell you something. But the Bills Tight End also dropped, so that concerns me. But I like they address the interior of the line. Which is a big problem. The inside is more important then the tackles in my opinion, especially in the AFC East where big DT live.

Lets look at the picks.

1) Aaron Maybin De PSU

The speed rusher, compliment to Schobel the Bills needed. He's light and quick and I'm sure will be compared to Freeney. The Bills had all DE's at their table and selected Maybin. So we know he's the one they wanted. He started one year and dominated, so he's put on weight and hopefully get a few sacks to help out the Bills poor pass rush. Hopefully hasn't come close to reaching his peak.

1b) Eric Wood C/G Louisville

Well he was a center and no doubt will be moved to Guard, probably LG, which is wide open, after the chasm left by Dockery, or would that be Black Hole. Void, lets go with that one. Well he is definitely starting this year, and I'm sure will be a fan favorite. Called "the most ready player in the draft" They needed interior lineman with versatility. He's their guy.

2a) Jairus Byrd CB/S

The pick that made me go, uh? But after thinking about and getting it explained. It makes perfect sense. They need a ball hawk saftey. Ko Simpson is gone. They want to move Whitner to his natural position and Bryan Scott is nice, but if they can replace him that would be nice. If he can get a couple picks, he'll look like a good pick.

2b) Andy Levitre OL Oregon State.

They went to Oregon for both second round picks. He is a guard/tackle combo, and the Bills love guys who can play multiple positions on the line. With the shakeup that is coming having guys who can play positions will help. The starting 5 will be a battle this summer no doubt. Was a left tackle last year. I'm waiting to judge this pick, but they traded a couple picks for him.

I nickname him Levitra Because we need Trent to stay up, and keep up.

4) Shawn Nelson TE S. Miss

The pick that made a ton of sense, appartantly he dropped, so the Bills may have lucked out with him. At pass catching TE, which the Bills need. They don't need a blocker. Hopefully will come in and help the pass attack. With Owens, Nelson and Hardy they are getting taller and bigger at the reciever positions. The more weapons for Trent the better. He has to be super pumped about the first several picks. He knows its this year or not for him. He saw what happened to JP. Hopefully we can get get a guy who can grap 40 balls a year and 5 tds. I'm not looking for Gates, just someone who can help.

5. Nic Harris S/LB Oklahoma

The parade of defensive backs continue. But with Nic Harris who will compete against Keith Ellison in the undersized LB competition. He is drafted for his athleticsm and Special teams ability. He is a project, but thats fine with a 5th round pick. Played a lot at Oklahoma, so you now he's a talented guy

6. Cary Harris CB USC

A physical press corner, but ran slow. Which is death to any corner coming out in the draft. But if he can compete and be at least a nickel or dime corner. You don't have to be fast to be a adequate corner in the NFL. I don't know what to expect. But he'll have a chance.

7. Ellis Lankster DB West Virginia

Another good ball skill Db, which signals to me they are not happy with the current roster of the secondary. With the loss of Jabari Greer and Youbouty being unreliable, they have to find someone to fill those spots. Looks to be a saftey backup and probably on special teams. I give him a 30% chance of making the roster, 75% chance he winds up on the practice squad.

Well I was surprised by the number of secondary players selected. But most will be moved around. Today's NFL is all about guys who can play multiple positions. Due to injuries and and player movement. They addressed the offensive line first, and their need for a speed rusher. Then took a tight end they need. They aren't drafting sexy, they are drafting smart. Terrell Owens was the sexy move. Now they are putting in the necessary parts.

This Bills team, is in a mini rebuilding, because they don't have the players they needed to win, especially in the AFC East. But its gonna take a couple years. Last year I felt they underachieved, compared to being an overachieving 7-9 2 years ago. If things stay alright I think 10-6 isn't out of the question. Pre season predictions are way off, until I see what the OL will look like come september. They have a lot of guys who can play multiple positions and the competiton will be fierce. That I like.

This team will go as far as the offensive line. And the fact they know they have a problem, is a good thing. They aren't hiding that fact.

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