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Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Playoff status check

We are 2 or 3 games into series now, so its safe to give a little status check and an opinion on the ongoing first round series.

Lets start with the Eastern Conference.

Boston Vs Montreal

The Habs first round drubbing that I though might happen, is happening. Down 2-0 going into Montreal tonight. I'm not sure if Montreal will win a game in the next two, but with the Lucic suspension, the Habs could win game 3. But the Bruins will play an even tighter game. And shut down the up and down Habs. The Lucic suspension could fire the Bruins up. This series is going 4, 5 games tops.

Washington vs NY Rangers

This is the suprising series, if it was going 1-1 into NY I would be a little surprised. But down 2 games going into MSG. Things look dicey for th Caps. Their goaltending cost them game 1. Then the offense wasn't there in game 2. People always never factor in goaltending matchups when it comes to the NHL playoffs. Lundqvist clearly outmatches whoever is in the Caps net. I still say the Caps pull this one out. But you silence Ovechkin, you silence the caps. They are still a young team. And a humbling is what they might need.

New Jersey vs Carolina

This was a easy series to see coming. Carolina isn't good enough and New Jersey will be a tough out. With timely scoring and solid defense and great goaltending. Its 2-1 and I see New Jersey ending this one in Newark on Thursday.

Pittsburgh and Philly

This one is getting nasty. This is playoff hockey at its best. Lots of goals, hitting, bad blood, fights and its entertaining. I dislike both teams, so if they killed each other the better. But I was not surprised Philly took game 3. As someone else pointed. I wouldn't be surprised either this series is tied at two.

Now our Western Conference Friends

San Jose vs Anaheim

In the, I thought they'd flame out in round 2, San Jose looks like they might be exiting in Round 1. Down 2-0 to the Ducks, who has Jonas Hiller playing like a hall of famer. The Sharks I'm sure will turn things around, when they get to Anaheim. But the typical no shows are out again. Thornton, Marleau and Cheechoo. The three have 2 points between them. Our guy Mike Grier, who gets 6 minutes of ice time, is having a big effect. The Ducks after what seemed a selling at the deadline, seemed to still have the necessary parts to at least win one game. This one goes seven, San Jose can't just lay down and die can they? Where would Mike Grier Go?

Detroit vs Columbus

Well I saw this one coming, well I though the BJ's would put up a fight. But being outscored 8-1 in two games. With their rookie sensation! Don't forget Leclaire had a ton of shutouts, and they shipped him out. The BJ's aren't that good. And Detroit will hopefully make small work of them. And sweep them out in four.

Vancouver vs St Louis.

I didn't see why people were enamored with the Blues. They fight and stay in games, but Vancouver is a decent team. And you never can underestimate Luongo. He's a big time goaltender. The Canucks are going to the Conference finals if they don't run into Detroit in round 2. The Blues were highly overrated and going to get swept or lose in Vancouver in a couple days. This series is O V E R.

Calgary vs Chicago

I'm a bit surprised this isn't tied at 1 going back to Calgary. But Chicago kept their home ice. And now they head back to a tough place to play. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if this is tied at 2 going back to Chicago. Chicago is young and if Calgary wins game 3, will shake them a little. They are playing with house money. But a series to watch no doubt.

Overall the playoffs are good, but with the 2-0's and the 3-0's we need more long running series. Game 6 or Game 7's are so much better. But I will continue to watch and the Philly Pittsburgh series is no doubt the one to watch right now. These teams hate each other and its fun to watch.

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