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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Opening Day!

At 3 pm today the Bisons kick start a new year at the old but new Coca Cola Field. New colors, new unis, new players and a new major league affiliate. Its exciting new chapter in the long history of the Buffalo Bisons. Plus when the Bisons start things, you know the weather is taking a turn for the good. And sitting out in the sun with a hot dog watching guys play a game, and making not much more money they you do. Except for the young hot shots, and the guys doing a rehab stint.

I would do some kind of preview, but I have no idea who these guys are, and I hope to get know some and when they make a appearance in June at Citifield, I can go, HEY I saw that guy play. But I bet I'll have more Bison stuff during the year, since there won't be any playoffs. And there won't be much to talk about except umm nothing. So maybe debut the Stampede Segment.

But the ballpark is always fun, and its only a short distance from the office, so maybe a office trip is in order to the new CCF.

Well good times all around for the Herd.

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