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Thursday, April 9, 2009

So you're saying theres a chance.

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Well as along as there is a chance at the Playoffs we can talk about them. So basically the Sabres have to win the next two.

The Rangers have to lose in regulation in their next two vs. Philadelphia

And the Panthers have to lose both, or lose both in overtime or win one, and lose the other in regulation.

Well that's not complicated at all. So basically we have to root for the Flyers to beat up on the Rangers. And the Thrashers to win tonight. And hope the Sabres can win two in a row. The Bruins will probably lay down, since the game isn't so important. No Tim Thomas I'm thinking, and guys won't want to get hurt. Carolina is more the worry. The Sabres had to come out hard in the third and now fly down to Raleigh to take on the hot hurricanes. There's a team to look out for in the playoffs. Who scheduled the season by the way. A road game in Toronto, followed by a road game in Raleigh? Uh?

I know the odds are long, but at least there are odds. And it gives the game a bit of meaning. Would it be great if the Sabres pulled if off, you bet. Would they go on and beat Boston? Hell no. So basically they would get two extra home games, maybe a third. They lose out on maybe what 3 million extra, which will probably be taken out on the payroll. Less expensive, hungrier players maybe what the team needs anyway.

So Bluto take it away.

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