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Friday, April 17, 2009

Buffalo sports teams love friday afternoon news releases.

Well the big 2, had some big news. And of course it comes out on a Friday afternoon. Which I think its to piss off the lazy reporters at the Buffalo News and forces them to cover something. Because NO ONE AT THE NEWS saw either coming. Seriously. Someone wake those guys up and do some work. Pick up a phone.

First in time order. Jason Peters was traded to Philadelphia. Its for Philly's 28th pick in the 1st, a 4th rounder, and a late pick in 2010. So 1 person for 3. Some kid in college right now, is involved in the Jason Peters trade. But I knew the Bills were going to deal him. They weren't going to pay him what he wanted, or close. Everyone in town is like pay him what he deserves! Yeah just give into demands, thats a smart business decision. But for a guy that hasn't made it to the end of the year the past two seasons. Dumping him might be the best decision in a long term. Good player you bet, a loss, but not irreplaceable. He's a non drafted free agent, I'm sure they can find a tackle in the draft. Maybe at 28.

Then the Sabres in their Top to Bottom review, tweeted today, that Darcy and Lindy are coming back next year. Not shocking. But the timing is always suspect. Tomorrow or Sunday would be worse. I am in favor of this, one of the few. I just feel Darcy needs to be left alone and let to do what he needs to. Once again Bucky Gleason shows he has no inside contact. Poor guy. He tries, but he has nothing. He's really nothing more then a blogger.

I think Darcy is upset with the players and will unload several of them, to bring in the players he and Lindy want. Craig Rivet is an example of that. Its not management thats a problem, its the players. Darcy doesn't play forward.

But whats shocking is the Buffalo news didn't break either story. Jay Glazer broke the Peters trade and the Sabres released it on the website. It bothers me the local newspaper has no inside sources. No leaks. Its like they guess. I can do that to.

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