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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well its basically over

With the Rangers win last night, it basically sealed the fate of the 08-09 Sabres. Who basically look like the 07-08 Sabres, minus all the drama. Just disappointment.

So thats two years in a row without the playoffs. But yet I'm not in the dumps about it. Would it be nice if the Sabres were in the playoffs, sure. But its not the end all be all. And I'm not Tom Golisano, who is probably pissed the team isn't in the playoffs. Since his pocket book is gonna hurt. And thats why there will be changes in the offseason. The team needs a new direction. Not a huge change but a change. The same players got the same result. Last year Ryan Miller had a down year, and they missed. This year the top forwards had a down year. But a good team should get around a few players misfiring.

If they snunk in the playoffs it would justify this was a playoff team, and anything can happen in the playoffs. Well not if you don't have the right team. There was glimpses of that this year but not enough. There must be changes to this team. The current squad isn't built for the current NHL. It was 4 years ago, but not now. Some tinkering needs to occur. And I have some ideas, but I'll save those till after the Boston game.

There are 3 games left. And lets enjoy those, because thats all we got till October.

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