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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sad Swedish Goalie Face

Someone give him a hug.

I'm sure if you watched any of the last two Ranger Capitals games, you've seen Lundqvist on the bench, at the start of the third, with his heartbreaking sad face. He looks like he is going to cry. He doesn't look mad, as I would be, if my team completely abandoned me. He is the Rangers, without Henrik, this team isn't close to a playoff team. Even with the Teflon Captain Chris Drury. He's doing a good job of keeping the team together.

But me and Fiancee were watching the games, shes really getting into the playoffs, which is awesome. Every time they showed him on the bench, she would go awwww, he looks like he is gonna cry. Then he has "pretty eyes". And the topper. He's pretty. I don't know, but if you're a man, do you want to be known as "Pretty"? But honestly the man has perfect features. And he is really good. You know when he gets an actual defense and not a bunch of pylons.

Good god, the Rangers have been terrible. I wouldn't be surprised if Drury wanted a trade after the year. Because they aren't gonna get better, unless they ditch some salary and sign a decent blueline.

I don't know if I can take 3 games in a row with Sad Swedish goalie face. I don't dislike Lundqvist, he's like Ryan Miller's good looking popular brother. Ryan Miller is all grunge and disenfranchised, while Lundqvist is the clean cut, good looking guy that mothers love. These two will be compared until they are both retired. Both are perfect for their respective cities.

I think that game 7 should be pretty good. But what do I know, I thought the Bills would take Everette Brown.

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