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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Watching the playoffs

I've been watching some of the playoffs with the fiancee. And she's great like that letting me watch hockey teams I have no rooting interest in. She actually gets into the games more then me now. Especially last night yelling at the Caps to score in the final minute. I think I've turned her into a Ranger hater. As anyone should be. But watching yesterday made me think.

When my Fiancee, yelled "Punch Em" during a scrum. (She does it cutely, and it makes me love her more.) But it got me thinking, do I want that? Earlier in the day when Bulldog was talking about liking the tougher teams because they are fun to watch. I got that high horse mentality of well then why don't you just watch people fight? Its a game of skill, appreciate that.

But don't I yell "hit em" when the Sabres play? Yes. Do I enjoy a good fight, not the staged kind, of course.

This got me thinking even more. The reason the Sabres aren't enjoyable or as fun to watch, is the fact they aren't physical. They tend to shun contact. They are talented scorers and when they are on, its fun. But when they aren't they are a boring hockey team. I'm not saying they should trade all the scorers for goons. But just a bunch of guys that go full tilt, and pressure, hit and don't mind mixing it up after a whistle.

The Sabres changing to a more fun, and physical team isn't that hard a transition. A few trades and maybe a signing and the Sabres could be a tough team to play against next year. They have a goaltender, they have scorers, now they need to trade the Hechts, Macarthurs and Tallinders for the more physical versions. Maybe even sacrificing offense to get the deal done.

3 moves and the Sabres are a playoff team and fun to watch.

By the way, Lundqvist is on, and you better watch out. Because the Rangers aren't the best team, but if King Henrik keeps on playing the way he is, things could be interesting. But if they win they run into the Bruins. And that should be a fun series. Boston versus the Rangers. Imagine Lucic going after Avery.

Montreal thanks for playing, but adios.

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