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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Round 1 is over

Well Round 1 ended in an exciting way with the Caps scoring the winning goal with 5 minutes left and the Hurricanes scoring two goals in 100 seconds to win their series. I like most people only watched the Caps Rangers, because the other game was in television prison, because the NHL is stupid. How can a great sport be run by idiots most of the time.

Round 1 was pretty good, minus the sweeps. But round 2 should be very good. The East matchups look real good. You have two high flying teams in Washington and Pittsburgh, versus more balanced teams in Carolina and Boston. I would not be shocked if both series went 7 games. But the Caps are lucky, since they get a few days to rest after that hard game last night. The Rangers were trying everything they could to prevent them from doing what they wanted. Unfortunately for them, they ran outta gas in the 3rd. So they took 2 games off and could only come strong for 2 periods. That is a seriously flawed team. Minus the goaltender. Lundqvist is the Rangers, he struggles its all over for that team.

But watching the series I was impressed by Fedorov, who I left for dead, after he left Detroit. Exiled in Columbus where hockey players go to disappear. He was up and down the ice and looks younger out there playing with Ovechkin. The Caps are a nice 4 line time. They have skill players mixed with grinders who have grown up in Hershey. Now they have the goaltender. Which as the missing piece. Do I think they can go all the way? Mmm, not yet. They are still a long run in the playoffs away. I just don't think their defense is that great.

The same thing strikes me with Carolina. They have skill players, leadership, a goalie who's been there, but I don't like the defense. They will be tough to eliminate, but as demonstrated by New Jersey, if you don't let in goals at the last second, you can beat them. The Bruins are tougher and Eric Staal is going be quite friendly with Chara. The Bruins are a tough team, that somehow let the Sabres have their number.

After a great 1st round, I'm looking for round 2.

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